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Lost ficlet: The Tennessee Moon (Jack, Sawyer, AU)

Title: The Tennessee Moon
Characters: Jack, Sawyer.
Words: 850
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine. And Kinky Boots isn't either.
Spoilers: None. It's completely AU.
Summary: Two strangers meet in the night.
A/N: A belated offering for previous Queen janie_tangerine, who requested crossdressing, and for Queen inthekeyofd, who requested white. Inspired and adapted (i.e. blatantly stolen, ha!) from the initial scenes of "Kinky Boots", the film. I meant this to be the beginning of a longer fic, using other scenes from the movie, but since I don't know how long that will take - or even if I will able to do it - I'm posting this in the meantime.
Also, it's unbetaed, so feel free to point out any errors.

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Lost ficlet: Blood ties

Title: Blood ties
Characters: Kate, Aaron, Margo.
Words: 488
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine.
Spoilers: general s5
Summary: Mothers and their choices.
A/N: A belated offering for previous Queen angeldylan628, who requested families and the second generation, and for Queen kellysparrow, who requested Kate. I hope you enjoy this, even if I think it turned out a little creepy.

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Lost drabble: Brilliant disguise

Title: Brilliant disguise
Characters: Miles, Hurley
Words: 100 exactly!
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine.
Spoilers: general s5
Summary: Hurley is truly a sci-fi geek. And he always has his heart in the right place.
A/N: For previous Queen eponine119, who requested OTPs and anti-OTPs. I wanted a crazy OTP and this came out... but in the end it's not really crazy and not really a pairing... I hope you enjoy it ayway! Also, for queen joyyjpg that wanted Miles. Hope you don't mind sharing!
Title from Springsteen's song.

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House - rockin'

medical shows, the good and the ugly

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On the other hand, I'm glad that this is ER last season, because assisting to this slow agony is painful!

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And finally, three video recs:

Hugh Laurie getting dunked for charity
As I said before, he rocks the tux!

Alternate version of House credits
This one is funny and very well done!

Working class hero (Jack)
Angsty video for Jack Shephard. I'm going to rec this one on crack_van too, because I find it really good. The song is really appropriate for Jack and the scenes the vidder chose are too, imo.